PhotoRescue Information

PhotoRescue is developed and published by DataRescue SA, 40 Blvd Piercot, 4000 Liege, Belgium. Contact us by e-mail or by phone +32-4-3446510 (business hours, Central European Time)

In Germany and other German Speaking countries, please contact German Sales

Our Associate Program

Do you run a digital photography web site, sell photographic hardware or software ? Do you want to offer the best photo recovery software on the market ? Do you want to earn $8 per sale without losing your leads ? Then our associate program might be for you !

Useful Links

Steve's Digicam probably the less commercial of the digital photography portals, yet very useful and balanced reviews.

Cardinal Photo David Cardinal was one of our first associates - he is still with us today.

Lucid Images Jan Allinder was quick on David's heels - she is still with us today. Worth a visit

Rob Galbraith's site Rob is famous among professional photographers for his in-depth reviews.

What they say

PhotoRescue has won countless data-recovery tests over the years. See our version 2.1 website for some past highlights. In February 2007, PhotoRescue got some Antartica exercise in the hands of what is probably today's most demanding crowd of digital photographers...

Peter K Burian's experienced PhotoRescue first hand in March 2007.