Peter K. Burian's PhotoRescue Opinion

PhotoRescue 3.0 is worth its weight in gold! This software is remarkably effective and intuitive as I discovered after shooting in Nevada and Arizona while testing several new cameras and lenses. One of my SD cards became corrupted along the way, making it impossible to find any of the two hundred images made during an off-road Hummer trip. I tried various photo recovery software options and not one was able to solve the problem. What an incredibly frustrating experience! A few days later, I decided to give it a shot with the new PhotoRescue 3.0 (Windows version) using the Expert option. The entire process was simple and relatively quick; within 15 minutes, all of my images had been recovered. Based on this experience, I can highly recommend version 3.0 to any photographer whether hobbyist or professional. At $29 US, this rescue software is a bargain and the free demo is a real bonus.

Peter K. Burian, March 20, 2007

And Burian adds: PhotoRescue 3.1 is equally impressive based on my testing. In a few minutes (on Oct. 11, 2007, using a PC with XP), it recovered 90 of 92 images made with a Nikon D3, including both JPEG and the new NEF (RAW) format files. While PhotoRescue 3.1 does not officially support the newest NEF format, the recovery worked perfectly.

Peter K. Burian, Oct 12, 2007


The above picture is copyright Peter K Burian