Lost your copy What to do if you have lost your copy of PhotoRescue? Our hottest topic...

Technical FAQ: general technical issues about PhotoRescue.

The Manual: is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format. It covers both the Wizard and the Expert versions of PhotoRescue (updated 10/2005).

Mac OS X FAQ: frequently asked questions about PhotoRescue for Max OS X.

Using PhotoRescue Expert: we have an "How-to-Use" movie on-line.


1- Does your camera show thumbnails? Does Windows show thumbnail? Is your graphic program unable to read the file? Here is an illustrated explanation of that very frequent situation.

2 - If you have formatted your card, there is unfortunately a risk that all data is gone forever. Here is a small trick to test the presence of meaningful data on your card. Create a backup of your media with the Image the Input option. You now have a file that has your card's size ( 4 MB, 64 MB, etc... ). Compress it with an archiver such as Winzip or Stuffit. If the data compresses extremely well, it means the card was formatted clean. Your data is gone. Sorry. Nikon and Canon digital cameras usually do not erase cards fully. Olympus and Fuji digital and some Sony cameras may or may not erase cards fully during a format.

E-Mail Support

PhotoRescue is fully supported, contact [email protected] if you have any questions (sorry, no phone support). Please be aware that data recovery is not always possible. PhotoRescue is able to image storage devices : if you are contacting us for difficult recoveries, we may ask you for an image of your device.


PhotoRescue comes with a full year of support and updates. If your initial order after Jan 1st, 2010, request your free update here. You will need either your original order number or the original e-mail address to which the program was delivered.

(last updated 14/04/2011)