Purchasing PhotoRescue Expert

Update Apr. 12, 2011: PhotoRescue Expert is back at the request of... well, expert users!

The price of PhotoRescue Expert is $29 plus taxes. What you purchase is

- a immediate e-mail delivery of a non expiring registration key that will allow you to activate the demo version.

- an unlimited number of recoveries.- a year of free updates. After that initial period, your version of PhotoRescue will keep working but new releases won't necessarily accept your registration key.

- a year of access to our technical support.

Your PhotoRescue Expert registration key will be sent in the SWReg confirmation message as soon as your order has been authorized. Order your registration key for PhotoRescue Expert PC / PhotoRescue Expert Mac OS X (note: you can deactivate the registration key backup service, we resend lost keys for free)

Two important points.

- our refund terms are visible here.

- the easier to use PhotoRescue wizard version is the recommended version for most recoveries. PhotoRescue Expert may be more powerful on older cards suffering from partial read errors.

Thanks for your support.