PhotoRescue Advanced

Photorescue has established itself as the best performing digital picture recovery solution: its automated defragmentation algorithms allow it to consistently score better than its competition in independent tests. However, automated file defragmentation has its limits. That is why Photorescue Advanced allows you to manipulate the clusters pictures are made of and adds interactivity and visual feedback to the data recovery process.

Principle of Operation

PhotoRescue Advanced will first perform a normal data recovery scan. That first phase will usually recover a large number of full pictures and a few fragmented ones. Some files may actually contain too much data and need to be truncated to put the extra allocation units back into the useable cluster pool. In the second recovery phase, the user will manipulate those allocation units and will grow potential valid pictures out of the free cluster pool.


Before going any further, examine the PhotoRescue Advanced tutorial and download an evaluation version of Photorescue Advanced 2.1.708 (updated Jan, 2011). Make no mistake, ultimate power comes at a price: PhotoRescue Advanced is hard to use.

Purchasing PhotoRescue Advanced

Please note that by purchasing PhotoRescue Advanced, you agree to the following special terms.

  • you certify that you are not a (and/or working for) a Data-Recovery company. If you are working for a data-recovery company, develop your own utility!
  • you understand that all PhotoRescue Advanced sales are final, no refund.
  • you understand that we don't guarantee any result above the result obtained by the standard versions of PhotoRescue as improving upon the standard recovery require skill, patience and a bit of luck.

The price of PhotoRescue Advanced is 99 USD

PhotoRescue Advanced is only available on special request.