We are a relatively small company: we don't have the time or means to advertise widely. That means that we rely on word-of-mouth to promote PhotoRescue. There's a good chance that you found us through such a recommendation or a review by a satisfied customer. If your recovery was successful, please let others know about it. We'll be grateful if you join our Facebook group, post a review on your blog or a link to our web site (www.datarescue.com). There are even additional benefits for you!

Facebook Benefit

You are among our Facebook friends? Your free upgrade & support period (for all new version 3.x releases) will not expire after one year. If your key becomes too old for the latest version, simply contact [email protected] with your order number and facebook name and we'll send you a new key.

Blog - Website Benefit

You blog about Photorescue or you put a link to us on your own website? Your free upgrade period doesn't expire after one year and you get the next major version update (version 4.x) for free as long as your link is up.


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