Recent books.


Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams - a new genre of SciFi? Failed for me. 5/10
The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America by James Bamford - an update on Bush years by the undisputed NSA Expert. 8/10
Daemon by Leinad Zareus - starts very well, full of cool ideas, some parts are rushed 8/10 for fun 6/10 for writing

Les Bienveillantes by John Little - a disturbing but amazing tour de force. 9/10
Snow by Orhan Pamuk - the guy's got a Nobel, so it must be a good book. I couldn't remotely enjoy it. 5/10
Measuring the world by Daniel Kehlmann - a fictional account of Gauss and Humboldt's interactions. 8/10
Fatherland by Robert Harris: Uchronia at its best. 8/10.
The Plot against America: a novel. Philip Roth
The Complete Guide to Close-Up and Macro Photography
by Paul Harcourt Davies - lots of useful tips, nice photography. 8/10
Perfect Exposure by Jim Zuckerman - outstanding Photography, but very little material. 6/10
Science at the Edge - edited by John Brockman - unequal - a few great essays. 7/10
Fantastic Voyage - Living long enough to live forever - Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossmann. Useful - deserves a full review. 8/10
Written in Bones - edited by Paul Bahn - a page turner, some fascinating cases. Very low on science. 7/10
Heaven and Earth, unseen by the naked eye
foreword by David Malin - not as good as the one below, some striking microscopy pieces. 8/10
Beyond: visions of interplanetary probes
by Michael Benson - the masterpiece, get that book. 10/10
The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan - a complete, if dry and academic, account. 8/10
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds - some ideas, poor character development 6/10
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown - finally managed to read it. Well constructed. 8/10
Colossus by Niall Ferguson - why the US should assume its imperial nature - rating 6/10 - some interesting comments, lots of omissions and contradictions.
- Mary Roach - the life of corpses - rating 7/10
The Breaking of Nations - Robert Cooper - a lucid contemporary geo-poloitical analysis - rating 8/10
Darwin's Sword - Dan Simmons - rating 6/10 - doesn't come close to Hyperion.
I have landed - Stephen Jay Gould - rating 7/10 - some brillant pieces, a bit too 11/09/2001 centric for my taste.
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece - reference
L'évangile selon Pilate - Eric-Emmanuel Shmitt - rating 8/10
Stupeur et Tremblements - Amélie Nothomb - rating 8/10
Le Testament des Siècles - Henri Loevenbruck - rating 7/10
Le Manuscrit de la Giudecca - Yvon Toussaint - rating 9/10
L'absent - Patrick Rambaud - rating 8/10
Il neigeait - Patrick Rambaud - rating 8/10 (original version - The Retreat is the English title)
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson - rating 7/10.
City of Saints and Madmen: The Book of Ambergris by Jeff Vandermeer - rating 7/10
A view of the Universe by David Malin - rating 9/10
Le Joueur d'échecs - Zweig (Dec2002) - a classic
The Man in the High Castle - Dick (Dec2002) - a SF classic
Qu'est ce qu'une vie réussie? par Ferry - unconvincing at best, supermarket philosophy by the French education minister. Heck, a supermarket is where I bought it, what did I expect? - rating 3/10
Vitesse Moderne par Blutch(Oct 2002) - supposedly good, sucks. - rating 3/10
Code Breaking by Kippenham - 7/10
Les Pierres Truquées de Marrakech par Stephen Jay Gould - rating 9/10
A l'Ouest, rien de nouveau par Erich Maria Remarque. - a classic
Les Masques de Wielstadt par Pierre Pevel - rating 6/10
Investigations by Stuart Kauffman.(July 2002) - ouch, this is a hard one.
A New Kind of Science
by Steven Wolfram - rating 3/10 - Wolfram's self satisfaction is nauseating.