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Around 100 minutes with the QSI and the FFC (-35°C)


Third light with QSI

36 minutes on M42 with the FFC 540/2.7 and the QSI 583wsg (6x5mins + 6x1min) at -30°C. No dark, no flat, no bias.


2nd light with QSI

Combination of 20 2 minutes unguided exposure with the QSI 583wsg and the previously obtained Canon 40D color data. (November 2009)


1st light with the QSI

A 2 minutes unguided exposure with autodark, binning 2x2, on the FFC with the QSI 583wsg (October 2009)

first light with the QSI


The Rosette Nebula, 90 minutes with the FFC - M33 100 minutes - California 60 minutes (October 2009)

rosette nebula


M31 - M33

Another M31, and an attempt at M33, unfortunately hampered by light pollution, very visible in the red channel (September 2009)

m31 m33



M31 with the FFC and the standard 40D - 13 five minutes exposure - reduced to 33% - 23/08/2009 - two different curve stretches. (September 2009)



Asteroid Malabar

Asteroid (754) Malabar in 30 seconds shots with the FFC and the 40D (August 2009)

Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune, in a couple of shots with the FFC link (August 2009)

M33 - first 2008 trial

This is my first (and last!) image of 2008. I played a bit with the duration of the individual exposures in order to maximize signal to noise ratio. Got better s/n than in 2007, but was plagued by a freezing CCD.

m33 2008 small

The shed is there! (Sept 2008)

Maybe I am getting old, but I grew tired of carrying the hardware in and out....

pierre's shed

The moon in stretched colors (Nov 2007)

Detailed information on the making of this "Moon in Colours" picture.

M33 (Oct 2007)

My favourite galaxy, about 3 hours with the TMB 115/805 and the ST2000XM. Click for full size.

m33 - tmb 115

Twin Quasar in uMA

Old Faithful (QSO 0957+561) is actually a gravitational lensing phenomenon. 70 minutes with the Vixen R200SS and the ST2000 XM. More info here.

M86 and friends TMB 115 - 12x10mins

Heart of IC 1805
First light with the Lichtenknecker 200 2.7 Flat Field Camera and the ST2000XM - H-Alpha - 2 hours total exposure (click for full size)
NGC 281
First light with the Lichtenknecker 200 2.7 Flat Field Camera and the ST2000XM - - H-Alpha - 2 hours total exposure (click for full size)
Vixen 200SS - ST2000XM - 120 minutes - H-Alpha - the IC1318 Cygnus region is one of my favourite location in the Summer's sky.
Veil Mosaic
My first mosaic with the TMB 115

Vixen R200SS - h-alpha 10x10
+ 7x3 RGB

TMB115 - 9x10 + 7x3
TMB 115 - 6x10 + 5x3


TMB 115 & ST2K - 01/05/2005

(11/04/2005) 60 minutes with the TMB 115 and an IDAS LPR filter. (imaging P. Vandevenne, color processing C. Demeautis)


TMB 115 & ST2K - 02/05/2005


TMB 115 & ST2K - 19/12/2005

IC 1318
H-Alpha 10x10 mins with the Vixen R200SS and the ST2K.

ngc 6888
(09/07/2005) - H-Alpha 10x10 mins
with the Vixen R200SS and the ST2K

H-Alpha with the Vixen R200SS and the ST2K

H-Alpha with the Vixen R200SS and the ST2K

( 11/04/2005 - taken with the C11)

NGC 4490


Vixen R200SS - h-alpha 10x10 mins



M42: tests with a Canon 5D and a un uncollimated Vixen 200SS. M44 with a collimated Vixen 200SS. Size of the 5D field with the 200SS

An interesting sharpening technique by Tony Gondola

Moon Comparisons: comparing a Skywatcher 80ED, a TMB Refracor 115 and a Vixen 200 SS telescope on the Moon

NGC 1893 (15/01/2005) my first H-Alpha Image. 7x10 mins with the TMB, the ST2K and an Astronomik H-Alpha CCD filter.

M82 (20/12/2004) C11 and ST2K

M81 (19/12/2004)

M81, with the TMB 115/805 telescope and the ST2-K: this begins to look somewhat like what I'd love to achieve.

click for actual size (1536x1200 - 19/12/2004 - 15x10 mins)

SBIG ST2K - LZOS (aka TMB) 115mm Apo Refractor - first light with the LZOS telescope and the ST2K

First Light with the C11 and the ST2K: images of IC434, NGC891 and M1

Canon 10D - LZOS 115mm Apo Refractor: images of NEAT, M17, M42 and a Moon Eclipse

Webcam - LZOS 115mm Apo Refractor

Saturn the differences introduced by different image processing techniques are important.

The IDAS LPR filter

Some tests with the IDAS filter.

ETX 125 & Webcam

IO Transit - ETX 125 - Barlow 2 X - ToUCam [full size].

First light & Second Light with my new ETX-125 Scope - I've waited 22 years to go back to astronomy.

Olympus 2100 UZ Moon Eclipse sequence [vertical full size] [horizontal full size]

Maxwell Moon Globe e-bay scam

My Maxwell Moon Globe investigations. Fraud can be found anywhere!

TMB Telescope Information

Guess what, I was scammed again. I must be the ideal victim. See my TMB telescope review for additional information.

My nightsky (processed)

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